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Welcome to livoutloud. A blog set up to share aspects of my life with regards to family, experiences and anything in-between. Join me as we connect through my blogging journey. Please check back often to see what I’ve been up to. I will be posting stories about the things I’ve done, write about what I am passionate about, and also share how I am planning to transform my life to make it more meaningful.

I am Olivia; a working mom, wife, Christian, entrepreneur, student and now Blogger. Due to my nature as a procrastinator, I still can’t believe that I am already doing this and I have actually started writing a blog. Usually, I wait for the very last minute to start anything or to finish for that matter.

During my discussion with a friend, I mentioned my intention to start a blog and she asked me about the purpose of my blog. My initial answer was that, I would write about life, some of my experiences, and what I am passionate about. But at that point it actually got me thinking and I started listing some of the things I would like to achieve by creating a blog.

Through this blog, I would like to:-

Share – Share my experiences as a working mom, wife, entrepreneur and blogger, hoping to be relatable to someone.

Inspire/Motivate – To be able to inspire or motivate others through my life lessons

Challenge – To challenge others to move out of there comfort zones to where the magic happens.

Support/Encourage – To be able to offer support or encouragement to my readers

Empower – To learn with me as I learn daily.

I will be writing  posts that are helpful, educational inspiring and interesting.

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