I haven’t blogged in a while, and I know we are already in March and Most goal setting happens in January, however I am very passionate or rather more obsessed about goal setting. And just maybe for one second there, March is the new January, Lol, just joking.  In my quest to living more intentionally, I find that goal setting really sets the tone to achieving what you have set out to do, and it doesn’t just have to be done in January.  My aim is to have yearly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.  So today my post is about SMART or SMARTER goal setting guidelines, and for the very fist time I am including a free printable just to help you get started, I am also super exited to be featuring my blog signature for the first time in one of my blog posts. Yay!!

I am also feeling the “E” in smarter, I am a firm believer in having ethics and values!

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SMART or SMARTER Goal Setting

How do you set a SMART or SMARTER goal?

It’s no secret that goal setting plays a vital role to help people achieve their main goal, whether it is to lose pounds or create a healthy lifestyle. Many professionals, tycoons and even ordinary individuals have applied and implemented their own goal setting. That’s why it’s not difficult for them to achieve their goal line.

Goals are part of each and every phase of life: what you want to accomplish at work, how you conduct relationship and the way you use your extra time. With goal setting, your life becomes a sequence of chaotic events you do not control. Accomplishments such as inventing the iPod or sending someone to the moon are the outcome of a goal that was set at some time. This is a vision that was realized and charted.

Set your own goal setting in a SMART or SMARTER way

SMART or SMARTER is an acronym representing a framework to create effective goals. Both stands for qualities your goals need to have. SMART should be Measurable, Specific, Achievable,  Time-bound and , Relevant whereas SMARTER stands for Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic or Relevant, Time-bound, Ethical and Recorded. These two mnemonics are very useful when you are planning to set a project objectives and goals. They provide an efficient way to ensure every person understands them. They are relevant and traceable. Also, there are sufficient resources to attain them and a steady deadline is set.


What exactly are the things you want to achieve in the future? If you have a more specific description, you have a bigger chances to clarify the difference between desiring to make huge amount of money for the next five or ten years by creating an innovative software product and desiring to become a millionaire.


Measurable goals means you need to exactly recognize what it is you will feel, hear and see when you achieve your goal. It means that breaking down your goal into measurable features. When measuring your progress, you reach your target dates, stay on track and experience the delight of achievement that urge you on to continued effort needed to attain your goal.


Is your goal achievable? This means you should investigate whether your goal is really tolerable to you. You weigh the time, effort and other outlays the goal will take against the incomes and the other priorities and obligations you have in life.


Is attaining your goal relevant to you? Do you essentially want to become famous, run a multinational and have 3 children? You decide whether your group has the bandwidth or you have the disposition for it.


Time is very essential. Therefore, create a tentative plan of all the things you do. Install deadlines for your team and for yourself, and aim for them. Keep your timeline flexible and realistic.


Goals should comfortably sit in your ethical compass. Set goals that meet high moral standards.


Record your objective and improvement towards it. Written goals are evident and have a bigger chance of being achieved successfully. Recording is needed for monitoring, planning and revising progress.

Now, is your goal being set in a SMART or SMARTER way?


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