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Its school resumption period! I have really been inspired by all the back to school or first day of school pictures on social media. Anyone close to me will certainly know how passionate I am about my children.

I am blessed with 2 handsome boys, ages 2 (soon to be 3) and 4; and my 11 year old adorable princess (she will always be my princess).

So the holidays are now over, and the new school year has started or is in full swing. Several activities are carried out during this period such as buying of stationery, new school uniform (if you have not covered that last year), the covering of books, school bags, meeting new teachers, the homework, the cycle tests, the extra mural activities but most importantly, preparing them for the new school year that lies ahead is top on my list.

My lovely boys are still in day care or as we like to call it crèche. The crèche opened a week prior to the resumption of other schools. This gives me time to focus on my daughter who will be in grade 6 this year which is great. Wow, how time flies. I get a lump in my throat when I think of how fast they are growing.

Without further ado, I would like to share my top 10 back to school tips.

  1. Start introducing your routine.

A few days before school opens, I make sure they wake up early and complete the tasks they usually carry out before heading off to school.

  1. Prepare a lunch-box meal Plan

Having a plan in place saves lot of time. However, this year is challenging for me as we have adopted a vegetarian lifestyle which I am a bit new to. I also like the Pick n Pay 31 Day Lunch box planner, I adopted the recipes suitable for vegetarians. I also pack extra for the days when there are extra murals.

  1. Make sure school uniforms are neat and easily accessible

For me, this makes for less “faffing” in the morning. Since we have a 5 day school week, I try to have a clean uniform for everyday of the week e.g. 4 Shirts, 4 Culottes, 5 pairs of socks, 1 PT uniform and 1 Tracksuit. For other items I generally just keep 1 or 2 of each, like jerseys, dry-macs, ties etc.

  1. The Homework diary

My Challenge last year was that my daughter kept “forgetting” or didn’t write down all of her homework in her homework diary. At first, this was very frustrating but I have since become wiser. As you may be aware, we all have different personalities and my daughter is clearly a creative type, so I decided to incorporate a more creative and fun way to encourage her to jot down her homework. I am also in the process of creating a personalized planner for her but we improvised by colour coordinating her existing diary using highlighters, stickers and funky book marks etc. to make a boring task look more exciting.

  1. Establish an afternoon routine for when they come back home from school.

I am a working mom, I need to put some structure in place as to how their day runs when they come back home from school.  Structure also teaches them certain skills and how to accomplish tasks within a certain time frame.

  1. Goal Setting

My daughter has actually mentioned that she would like set some goals for herself this year. So, I would like to facilitate this process for her by helping her write them down, putting action steps in place, measuring how far she has come and helping her achieve her goals. It’s also a great time to reflect on last year activities and all her achievements.

  1. Packing her school bag

I personally believe that this is an area usually over looked. However, it is of great value. Firstly, she has to pack her own school bag. We decided to colour co-ordinate each subject which makes it easier for her to find the relevant book and settle into her class with ease.

  1. Emotional Prepping

Helping her process that it’s a new school year, with new teachers and possibly new friends.  Speaking to her about opportunities to display Christ-like Character and to be a shining light to her peers. Helping her understand that the school work will become a little more difficult. Also, letting her know that change is a positive thing and this helps us grow. Making sure she still knows our cell numbers. Creating a positive environment for her, re-iterating her strengths, recapping on different situations e.g. stranger danger. Letting her know that learning is fun and her best is good enough, and most of all that she is loved

9.  Reading her set book for the year

I have not actively been doing this but want to try and incorporate it this year into her daily routine. This is a great way to give them a head start especially if reading is a challenge.

10.  Celebrate her wins and victories

Give recognition where it is due and often with a reward of choice.

Wow, this is surely a whole lot of reading to digest. I am glad you checked in again here at LivOutLoud. Please feel free to share your tips with us.





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